The Best Dirty Bomb Merc

The Best Dirty Bomb Merc

In Dirty Bomb, you can play as any of the mercs. Each merc has a different health and run speed. You can purchase them individually by spending in-game currency, or you can buy Gold Squad bundles that include several mercs and a Gold version of the default loadout card.


If you’re looking for a new character in Dirty Bomb, the new Phantom might be just the character you’re looking for. He’s fast, has invisibility armor, and can close in on his enemies with a Katana. However, his armor doesn’t last long and doesn’t make him very useful in teamfights. His other weapons are an SMG and a katana, but neither of them really add much to the team.

You can choose from one of the five different merc classes in Dirty Bomb. Each merc has a different specialization, as well as a different set of skills and abilities. For example, the Phantom’s Refractive Armor ability makes him nearly invisible for a few seconds. The other four classes specialize in different kinds of missions. Snipers are experts at taking out individual targets, while Engineers specialize in completing objectives quickly. They have different abilities that revolve around trap-like abilities, protecting C4, and clearing out hostiles.

There’s another dirty merc class in Halo 3: Red Eye. This character can throw smoke grenades to obscure areas and counter the Phantom. Like Phantom, Red Eye carries a heavy melee weapon, the Kukri. This new character will be added to the game in a future update.

Unlike the other mercs, the Phantom requires you to be near the epicenter of an explosion to take it out. However, a sniper rifle can take care of most mercs with one headshot. Additionally, her rocket launcher also features two firing modes. You can choose the guided mode, where she will bend the trajectory of her rockets, or fire straight.

The Phantom dirty bomb merc can also be a good choice if you like rushing your enemies. While this strategy can be a bit risky, it’s often the best way to get free kills. Besides, his cloaking and shimmer abilities allow him to slink behind enemies. This merc can also revive teammates who are incapacitated.


Dirty Bomb is an action-packed free-to-play shooter. You can choose from a variety of Mercs, each with unique abilities and specializations. Depending on your play style, you can play as one or all of the Mercs at once. Each character has a primary and secondary weapon, as well as two special abilities.

While most Mercs specialize in a specific role, there are a few that are better suited for certain types of missions than others. For example, the Arty role is a good choice if you prefer a supportive character who is good at supporting a team. He carries a semi-automatic rifle and is good at using the’slow fire’ ability of the Mercs class.

In addition, each Merc has a different set of equipment. For example, Arty can throw an ammo pack, while Sawbonez has a tossable health pack and deployable health station. Different Mercs can also use different airstrikes, turrets, mines, and grenades. The speed with which they interact with these elements is also different, which can be beneficial when playing online.

Despite the fact that the game is an action-packed shooter, it also features a mercenary-based gameplay similar to the classic games Brink, Team Fortress 2, and Quake Wars. Players can choose to adopt different roles and use character-specific skills to gain a competitive edge. There are more than 13,000 players in a single game, and the number is constantly growing.


Although many of the mercs in Dirty Bomb share a similar archetype, Vassili stands out in a positive way due to his unique background and skills. He is also one of the few mercs with a melee weapon, the Stilnotto Stiletto. His first name, Vassili, is a reference to a famous Soviet sniper from World War II.

This class is relatively simple: you aim your weapon, and kill enemies from a distance. Unlike other mercs, snipers are best at identifying and locating targets to kill for their team. They can also use smoke grenades and infrared goggles to spot their targets. Moreover, sniper rifles are one of the most devastating weapons in the game. A sniper headshot can kill nearly any other Merc.

While some players may find the game difficult to start, others will find it a challenging and fun experience. It’s essential to be prepared to learn the game’s mechanics and Mercs. This game’s team-based style encourages cooperation and teamwork. Even players with low kill-to-death ratios will be able to achieve success in missions and objectives by playing a support merc.

Dirty Bomb is free to play, and there are no restrictions on the number of characters you can choose. You can purchase mercs with real-life cash or in-game credits. You can also buy a loadout card that gives you access to a specific merc. These cards are not required to play the game, but they will increase your leveling speed.

There are nine mercs in Dirty Bomb, but some are more popular than others. These characters will fill servers with new players almost every rotation. Vassili and Phantom are the most popular characters among new players. Many of these players will overlook the rest of the characters in the game. In addition to these two, one of the most talented snipers of the game, Kim Loe, was recently killed due to a battle with cancer. Devs mentioned her name in weekly updates, linked a gameplay montage, and even added a shrine to her memory in the Vault.

Dirty Bomb is free to play, but has a premium element. Players can buy Mercs using real money or in-game currency, which starts at $5.99 USD. Adding new Mercs to your team can make the game feel more personalized. You can also customize your loadout by selecting different cards for your Mercs. Using loadout cards means you can customize the weapons and abilities used by each merc. Loadout cards are unlocked by unlocking cases. You earn these cases by leveling up and purchasing credits in the in-game store.


You’ve probably heard of Dirty Bomb. If so, you might be wondering how it differs from a normal shooter. It’s a fast-paced action game that takes place in an abandoned city in the year 2020. The premise is that you are a mercenary who has been trained to shoot and kill enemies, but is being hunted by a mysterious and deadly enemy.

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