Sims 3 DLC Sale

Sims 3 DLC Sale

If you are looking for Sims 3 DLC, you’ve come to the right place. There are several different packs that you can purchase, including Fast Lane and Showtime. You can also get the Occult Life States and characters from other Sims games. These packs are essential additions to The Sims 3 and are well worth the money.


The Sims 3 Showtime expansion pack is a star-themed pack that includes a new town called Appaloosa Plains and new life states like unicorns. In addition, it has new traits, hairstyles, and clothing. Showtime also introduces a new way to interact with other Sims, called SimPort. With it, players can invite other Sims to visit their town and interact with them.

The Showtime DLC sale includes the Master Suite, which focuses on seduction. It features new clothing items, five hairstyles, and 26 buy mode and build items. The Showtime DLC also adds three new stage performance careers. For example, if you’re a Katy Perry fan, you can create a new Katy Perry outfit. You can also purchase items from the California Dreams tour.

The Sims 3 Showtime is a popular entertainment simulation game. It offers social features for the first time, such as sending your Sims to friends’ games and chatting with them online. In addition, you can post messages on your friends’ walls. This way, you can invite your friends to play your Sims in your game and let them test their fame.

The Showtime DLC sale also allows you to create new Sims and play on new venues. You can even perform on your own stage and become a celebrity. The new game features a brand new world and new venues. You can also build your own stage and arena.

Fast Lane

Those who are looking for an exciting new DLC are going to love Fast Lane Stuff, a new stuff pack for The Sims 3. The pack contains 12 new cars, as well as new clothing and decorative items. You can use your new car as part of your wardrobe, or use it to decorate your home.

The Fast Lane Stuff pack adds twelve new cars and a ton of cool vehicles and objects for your Sims to use. It also includes a new lifestyle that includes rockabilly tough guy clothing and pin-up girl attire. The pack also includes the vehicle-enthusiast trait, which lets your Sims develop a deep connection to their car.

Occult Life States

This downloadable content offers a variety of gameplay options. You can play as an alien, a vampire, or a werewolf. Either option gives you new abilities and lore. Vampires have new powers and require a different lifestyle from ordinary Sims. They cannot live in the sun, and they can become extremely thirsty. Their thirst can be tamed by eating plasma fruit. While there are many similarities between these three playable classes, there are some distinct differences.

Werewolves are another popular option. These creatures possess unique powers, such as being able to change time zones. They are also better at collecting collectibles. Werewolves are popular among witches and have a long-standing feud with vampires. While their relationship with witches is rocky, they remain friendly with spellcasters.

Characters from other Sims games

If you’re not yet familiar with the characters from other Sims games, you can get them for a cheap price by purchasing a character pack from the Sims 3 dlc sale. Each pack contains 20 characters that you can use to customize your Sims’ lives. These characters often come in younger versions.

If you’re looking to get a lot of new content for your Sims, consider buying expansion packs. The Sims 3 is more sophisticated than its sibling, and its open world is more varied. You can build houses, drive cars, and ride bikes. The base game is still pretty great, and expansion packs and DLC are available to make it better than before.

The Sims 3 has been an impressive commercial success. The game sold 1.4 million copies in its first week and was met with mostly positive reviews. In fact, Metacritic awarded it an 86 out of 100. Over ten million copies of The Sims 3 have been sold worldwide since its release in 2009. It has received eleven expansion packs and nine stuff packs. There is also a fourth game, The Sims 4, which came out in November 2017 for consoles. Both games have received mixed reviews.

The Sims 4 expansion pack adds new jobs and business options for your Sims. If you’re interested in growing your career and establishing relationships, this pack will be your best bet. It also introduces a new club system.

The Sims 3 is a life simulation game that allows you to create and customize your Sims. It features an open world system with no loading screens. You can also customize your Sims’ appearance and clothing by changing colors and materials. Using a “create-a-style” tool, you can change any object, color, or design pattern.

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